COE prices up because economy is doing well, say Lui. – Walao! says me.

Read this headline in the 6th page of The Straits Times on the 16th of April.

Um, does anybody have a brain mouth filter for sale?

If you are the Transport Minister and when someone comes up to you to complain about high COE prices, you don’t say that’s because times are good! You don’t tell them that wages are rising so people can afford it. You don’t tell them that is is a demand thing because seriously, the Ministry under your charge controls the supply!

You can perhaps say:
a) We have no choice, there are too much vehicular traffic and some form of control is needed till more roads become available. (That’s the original story, stick to it. It buys you more time too!)
b) That is why Bukit Brown has got to go. To build more roads to accomodate more traffic. (Kill two birds with one stone.)

Nobody would be complaining to you if the economy is good enough for them to afford the high COE prices. These complaining chaps obviously are not feeling it.
You might as well just show them the LOSER sign in their face and tell them “COE price high meh? People paying these current prices obviously doesn’t think so!


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