The YOG opening show… my thoughts…

Splashed across the papers this morning was the local press praising the orgnisers of the YOG for a job well done on the opening show.

But what does a normal peasant think? Here’s what I think:

A fantastic show. Like National Day Parade without the fly past. The theme of the show seems to have been pulled out of someone’s nightmare. Something that would make Tim Burton jealous.

There was this large hairy blue and red monster that look like a giant spiderman with hair. A giant spider sasquatch perhaps? Then there’s the flooded stage which brings back recent memories of the Orchard Road flooding.

There was also this large golden fish head with a kid in it that was spewing out flames, not much different from a very hot curry fishhead consuming anyone who dares try it.

I love the way the singers on stage spoof the lip synching. It would have made Britney and Ashley wake up in cold sweat.

Okay, that was when I woke up. I mean got up, left the TV and went out for a cup of tea instead. I’m glad the local press enjoyed the show.

Not my cup of tea though. Never did like the horror genre.

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