It’s a parking space, stoopeed, not a parking lot!

So, I read in the papers today that us, as Singaporeans should get it right. That a parking lot is equivalent to a car park. That those rectangular boxes that tell us where to put our cars are called parking space!

I don’t think there’s anything wrong calling a parking space a parking lot. Not in Singapore. In Singapore, we have Turf City. Is it really a city? Nah! We also have Ching Pang City. Not really a city too!

If we can call housing estates and buildings cities, we sure can call an allocated parking space a parking lot.

It makes the Little Red Dot a little bigger.

Anyway, I think the fella got it all wrong. I think Space is a lot larger than a lot. Inside space, we have the sun, the moon, our planet, the Milky Way etc… So a parking space should be bigger than a parking lot.

One thought on “It’s a parking space, stoopeed, not a parking lot!

  1. World English Dictionary parking lot — n
    ( US ), ( Canadian ) Also called (in Britain and certain other countries): car park an area or building reserved for parking cars.

    By the way, there are over 10,000 American Slang that we commonly use (and mistaking them for English) without realising it.
    For example:
    agree to disagree
    baby (sweetheart, lover)
    catch something (to see or listen to something)
    easy street
    flick (movie)
    head hunt (recruit someone)
    in the pink
    jam (trouble)
    keep one’s cool
    leg work
    oddball (an eccentric person)
    pig out (to overeat)
    quack (a fraudulent doctor)
    run-of-the-mill (average, typical)
    …and so on, some over 10,000 of these.

    I think that is good enough reason NOT to (out of our misuse and/or ignorance) unilaterally change and thereby confuse others. Surely, we are not going to also decide to change the meaning for other American expressions/words?

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