Serangoon Gardens dorm may begin operations in August

Yup, it is finally happening. The DORM is gonna come up.

While I was keeping my fingers crossed that the shitty economic conditions will convince the powers that be to scrap this whole stupid idea, I guess it is a little too late to back track now ya?

I mean everyday, we are being greeted with news of layoffs so where to find people to stay?

Maybe it will be completed in time for jobless Singaporeans who can’t afford to rent a room.

Or perhaps this will be the low end version of the Singapore Flyer. Next thing you’ll probably see are advertisements asking you to SMS to a particular number and you might get a free stay in the newly commissioned and infamous Serangoon Dormitory.

One thought on “Serangoon Gardens dorm may begin operations in August

  1. They will take every foreign worker in every other dorm (legal or otherwise), chuck them in the Serangoon one. Just so to justify that its ‘needed’ in view of the ‘increasing’ demand for such workers. But hey, why stop there? They might we well turn the school carpark into a heavy vehicle park while they’re at it.

    The possibilities are endless!!!

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