Dickson Tan Yong Wen – Definitely Man of the Year.

This is one dude that takes the cake in Year 2008 lor! Kena cane extra three more by gahmen, then sue gahmen. Guess what? He actually got some money out of the gahmen lor! How many Singaporeans can actually make that claim?

Guess what? He had to get caught for the same criminal activity.

Either loansharking damn ho2 tang3 or the gahmen’s undisclosed sum of money is really peanuts.

I guess if he kena sentence to the cane again, can try to ask the gahmen to contra lah… then pay back the undisclosed sum of moolah that he got.

Whatever the case, I think nobody in the near future is going to top his achievement. Quick! Go get his autograph!

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