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Welcome to ClubNarc!

Well, this is our first attempt at doing a website. And we know that this is something that we are not very good at. So if you find that some of the links are not working right, or there is any spelling eror, grammar errored, punctuation error", or just find the site down right ugly... Just bear with it.


This is one of the rare photos that shows all the clubnarc dive leaders. And they are:

Ivan - The one with the stupid AXN cap. Ivan is one of the most patient instructor you'll ever meet. Unfortunately, he is semi-retired to focus on other aspects of life.

Allan - Extreme left, with sharks swimming above his belly. Allan is carrying the torch as the instructor for the club since Ivan is semi-retired. aka FATA (Fat Allan Travel Agency)

Kums - The good looking guy in the photo. Well, if your eye sight is failing, its the one at the bottom right corner. If you look carefully, you'll see that he's holding a pair of chopsticks. Kums is hungry all the time. And when he is not eating, he is doing DM duties.

Meng Meng - The one with the Batman cap. DM with a lot of patience and not many words. But he sure can sing. The rumour is going around that little Meng used to sing at the ghost festival "Ge-Tai" when he was a kid. Be afraid... be very afraid.

Kim Han - The one Allan is rubbing his armpit on. Small but power-packed, former Commando. He is now stationed in the Philippines for work. Diving Batangas for him is a weekly affair.

Also in the photo, we have the die hard member of clubnarc, and they are Chee Han (the one right behind), Bryan (extreme right) whom we suspect is gay, Yeow Boon (Morning Sir, in grey singlet), and Francis (right in front).


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